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SOMiC CES 2018

On the U.S. time January 1 to 12, 2018 CES was held in Las Vegas. Many high-tech companies from the whole world participate in this splendid event. Somic showed on the U.S. market with many new products, displaying the latest technical products.

To keep up with the technology, Somic, as the earphone-making brand, compared with last year, brought not only the new gaming headphone, but also the bluetooth wireless headset aiming to bring players new experience.

SOMiC G910i

The game “ Jedi survival big escape” has been very popular since 2017. Somic made a quick response to the market demand, and after research and continuous development, G910i was born. This model can switch the game mode PUBG/RPG, use the 7.1 decoding chip which is development by SOMIC, new SVE intelligent shock engine, all the headset is designed for the game “Jedi survival big escape”.

SOMiC G954

G954 also serves the electronic sports with virtual 7.1. This headphone has another design highlight----- its message earmuff which is coupled with SVE. Plenty user-friendly designs can let players experience gaming pleasures.


Which is most expecting is that Somic issued various Bluetooth headphones, G618Pro with bluetooth 4.1 version,strengthen the sound components.  They are different form many other Bluetooth headphones in that they have plug microphones and double microphones.


Mini W1, W2 is a idealized sports headphones, which is light and of high tone quality and can reduce the noise. W1 is also equipped with vibrative hand ring and has different vibrative experience.

The products showing on the CES are also the recommended products in the early 2018. With the rapid development of science and technology, Somic will bring customer more new products and create more pleasures!