The difference between 7.1-channel headphones and ordinary headphones
July 02 , 2020
The difference between 7.1 channel earphones and ordinary earphones is as follows:

1. Ordinary earphones only have two left and right channels, while 7.1 channel earphones have front, left front, right front, left, right, left rear, right rear, and a total of 8 sound units integrated into the earphone with center and bass.

2. Compared with ordinary earphones, 7.1-channel earphones are more suitable for gaming experience. The 7.1-channel system establishes a set of relatively balanced sound fields around the listener, and allows users to receive an undifferentiated sound field through a reasonable combination of speaker arrays.

3. Compared with ordinary earphones, multi-channel earphones have USB interfaces and come with USB sound cards.

4. 7.1-channel headphones are divided into virtual 7.1 and physical 7.1 channels. In terms of user experience, the virtual 7.1-channel will be more accurate in direction positioning than the physical 7.1-channel. For example, there is an explosion sound in the game. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the exact location. The physical 7.1-channel headset is more capable of creating space than virtual ones.
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