Advantages and disadvantages of 2.4G wireless headsets and Bluetooth headsets
July 16 , 2021

2.4GHz wireless technology is a short-distance wireless transmission technology, two-way transmission, strong anti-interference, long transmission distance (short-distance wireless technology range), and low power consumption.

Bluetooth is a communication interface for short-distance wireless transmission. Bluetooth uses the FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) method, which generally hops 1600 times per second, dividing the 83.5MHz frequency band into 79 frequency band channels, and each time only occupies 1MHz bandwidth. The communication distance is generally 10 meters.

Advantages of Bluetooth:

Bluetooth technology, which is a wireless transmission protocol based on 2.4G technology. Because of the different protocols used, it is different from other 2.4G technologies and is called Bluetooth technology. For now, the most widely used application of Bluetooth technology is Bluetooth headsets. As most mobile phones integrate Bluetooth function, and some MP3 audio products also integrate Bluetooth module, due to the unique advantages of Bluetooth headsets, most Bluetooth wireless devices do not need to set up a transmitter, and Bluetooth headsets have good privacy This point is determined by the frequency characteristics of 2.4G, which means that it is not easy to cause frequency hopping, harmonics and eavesdropping.

Advantages of 2.4G wireless technology:

The 2.4G frequency is also used as the carrier, but the communication methods derived from different communication protocols will be very different; only in the amount of data transmitted, there is a difference from 1M per second to 100M per second. Generally speaking, the 2.4G headset that the public believes is a headset that uses a 2.4G carrier and P2P communication protocol (hereinafter referred to as 2.4G technology), which is different from a Bluetooth headset. At present, the 2.4G wireless transmission of the P2P protocol can reach a data volume of 2M per second, while the CD-level sound quality is only about 1.4M per second, so 2.4G can achieve lossless transmission; secondly, 2.4G headphones do not require high transmission power, relatively More power-saving

Somic GS401 is a 2.4G wireless gaming headset very suitable for 3D gaming PC players:

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